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27NOV22 - The twelfth year of Christmas
We're going on twelve years of SFB goodness. There have been campaigns that came and went, but the website is still shooting games from the hip.
Victory by Star Fleet is a Victory by Any Means campaign game with SFB units and a few optional rules brought in to match the material. This is one of those campaigns mentioned in the previous post that are gaining some help from the database.
• The code behind VBSF has been posted to GitHub. It's my intent to open this up to the VBAM community (minus the Star Fleet Universe stuff.)
Another Way to Glory has been abandoned at the moment, in favor of putting together VBSF.

24OCT20 - Having a 2020
So I was in the pool for an alien invasion to hit this year. The year's not over and the website is certainly being invaded.
Dramatic Starfleet is getting a brand new database, replacing the old errors with new ones and getting a double-handful of new empires to play.
• The Another Way to Glory campaign might be making a resurgence, largely thanks to the above database project. With the new data being installed, it can be adapted for other things. This should allow some 4X style campaigns to benefit from computer automation.

29Dec19 - The Continuing Saga
We are ushering in the new decade by continuing along as we always have been. The Dramatic SFB campaign continues on (though with different players and different empires.)

15Jul17 - We're Not Dead, We're Surely Alive
Contrary to the huge difference in time between this message and the last one, SFB at Mattnet has not been dead. But there has been a few changes (understandable for the difference in time.)
• There is a campaign being played, hosted at sfbdrama.mattnet.org
• The MISF software is considered antiquated and needs a rewrite. There hasn't been a game played with it in five years.
• There are several new documents (and more slowly being added) hosted here. See the sidebar.

16Feb12 - Campaign Facelift
The campaign rules have been given a facelift and been posted in public view. Let's see if we can get some players involved in that!
The BATS fights have wound down with no conclusive winners. They have been archived. But the Frigate Fights have risen in their place.

26Aug11 - New MISF
With the start of the BATS battles, begins the newest version of the MISF software. Have fun!

12Aug11 - BATS Forces
Now that the cruiser fights are over, we're onto the BATS attacks. The races have been announced. Put together your minefields and send them to your moderator. Then we will announce forces. Have your minefields out ot the moderators by the 20th.

16Jun11 - Site Updates
I've re-organized the site some. I won't say that things have improved, but at least they've changed.

27Feb11 - Mapper
I've got a first-cut of the SVG-format MISF Mapper posted. Check out the help file on it and have fun!
The Destroyer Matchup has now been removed from the website.

08Feb11 - Updates
I've updated the MISF software to better support SVG files and to speed up the game pages. Unfortunately, this makes the map files on the Destroyer games hard to get. I'll be taking those games down once the cruiser game is more underway.

05Feb11 - Closed Game / Open Game
The Destroyer Matchup has come to a close. Dave blew up both his opposing players, Matt won only one game, and Chris is looking for revenge for his two losses.
He'll get his chance now, since the Cruiser Matchup is now open. The games are all set up and blood is in the air!

20Jan11 - Feature Updates
There were some more features creeping into the MISF software:
Upload Buttons - Hit any button to upload stuff, and anything you've filled in for upload will get in there.
New turn, Latest data - When a turn is advanced, then the map and all the SSDs will be carried through to the new turn (and might need to be overwritten, as your style dictates)
Turn Advance WtH? - The software no longer tells you it's doing nothing when you ask for a different turn to be displayed.

06Jan11 - New Updates
There were many (minor) feature updates to the PBEM software (Now titled MISF. Somewhat different than a Missive, but pronounced the same)

01Jan11 - Happy New Year!
Welcome to 1-1-11. With the new year, a new game is ready to start: the Destroyer Squadron Matchup. The forces have been selected, the games are set up, and now we are ready to rock and roll!

27Dec10 - The site went public!
And there was much rejoicing. *Yay*