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Player Setup

Before the game begins, a Year and a BPV amount need to be selected. It is assumed that each player may select only one ship; if squadrons (3-4 ships) or fleets (5+ ships) are wanted, then it must be defined as such and players may not then select only a single ship.

Empire Picks

Any of the "traditional" alpha-octant empires may be picked, from R2.0 (Federation) to Carnivon (R19.0) as long as the Year-In-Service (YIS) dates allow it (e.g. no Seltorians before Y182, Vudar before Y175, etc.) The selection of Simulator races (module C4) requires permission from more than half of the other players.

Ship Selection

Ships selected must have a YIS date equal to or less than the selected year of the game. If playing with 2 or less ships per player, then the rules regarding fleet limitations (S8.0) are not used and the exceptions below prevail. If playing squadrons or fleets (e.g. 3+ ships per player) then the rules of (S8.0) are used by default.

When playing paired or single ships, the following ships may not be used: Minesweepers, Minelayers, escort variants, Monitors, bases, and monsters. The following ships may be used only with the permission of more than half of the remaining players: Carriers (without escorts but with fighters), non-historic fighters for the carrier (this means getting permission twice: once for the carrier, again for the special fighters), "Generic" units (R1.0), Drone Bombardment ships, Scouts, Conjectural / Home-Galaxy / never-built ships

Starting Locations

Players select thier starting locations in any order that suits them. The locations for up to four players are: 1701, 2530, 0116, 4217. If playing up to eight players, then use the four corners as well: 0101, 0130, 4201, 4230. If new players join after the game has started, then use an unused starting location that is far from the current action.

New Players

Players may join an ongoing game. However, they may only join during Energy Allocation. To balance out damage done to those who began in the beginning, late-comers lose 10% of the original BPV for every EA they missed. For example, a game started with 180 BPV and a player joined during the EA of turn 4; they may pick a force consisting of no more than 126 BPV (180 BPV - 30%).

Map Setup

The map is assumed to be fixed and with "open borders". It does not float and leaving the map will consider the unit to have disengaged. It may be designated that the borders are instead the Tournament Border (P17.0).

Shuttles and PFs

PFs and fighters are purchased with the same BPV pool that the force is purchased with. This includes refits and upgrades to same. However, shuttles (including MRS and G-7s) are purchased with CO points. SWACs are excepted, and must be purchased as if a fighter.

Commander's Options

It is assumed that there are commander's option points equal to 20% of the BPV of the ship. These do not count against the total BPV allowed and may not be used to purchase refits, fighters, or PFs. They may be used to purchase special drones, drone speed upgrades (if the year allows it), MRS shuttles, drogues, mines, and the various extra crew.

Special Situations

Beyond the stand-up free-for-all or team battles, there are a variety of scenarios that can be played multi-player:
•   Canisters - Pick up the power-ups. Winner is the one who gobbles the most.
•   Terrain Race - The winner covers the most distance. But every 15 hexes, the terrain changes.
•   Rally Race - A race set in a figure-8. Try not to get blown up where the laps cross.
•   Center Race - Another race but around a central feature, such as a Black Hole or Gas Giant.
•   Rugby - A team game, where there is a ball to be carried or shot into the opponent's goal.

Victory Conditions

Victory is declared at the moment that the special victory circumstances have been met (e.g. that the last item has been collected, the last monster is destroyed, the first unit across the finish line, etc.) In the case of a simple combat scenario, victory is declared when all units belonging to all but one player has been destroyed, captured, or retreated.