This campaign is a three-player game of (U3.0), played by Chris, Matt, and Dave. Dave's Gorn and Chris's Federation are playing against Matt's Romulans.

The following are the optional rules laid out in (U3.0) that we are playing with and the rules modifications to facilitate three-person play. The term "Two-Player Team" refers to the team with two team members; Dave and Chris. The term "Single-Player Team" refers to the team of a single player; Matt's team.


Each team has four battle-fleet packages, two carrier-fleet packages, and two PF-fleet packages. The two-player team must split these packages up evenly between themselves, by package. This means that the bases of the defender start with HBMs and class I fighters, as well as PFMs and PF flotillas. This means the CVAs in the Carrier packages are actually SCSs.

We are not using Prime Teams. We are not using the support-fleet packages, though some ships found in those packages might be constructed (U3.45). We are not using mines, minesweepers, or minelayers.

The Klingon player may substitute a B-10A for a starting C8 and D7C.

Only half of Romulan bases have a cloaking device. This is defined at the start of the campaign, but not revealed to the attacking player(s).

The extra BPV for the battle tugs for these three races are close enough in BPV to come out as a wash. Therefore, we will play with Battle/Carrier pods. Any tug may be fitted with 1 combat pod (or two, if they have no ability to fit one; such as the ISC.)


(U3.31) ORGANIZATION: In the case that the Two-Player team is playing the defense (the attacker starts a two-front war), then the normal (U3.0) map still applies. The base-territories are divided evenly between the two players, with the homeworld counting as a starbase. The defending players can put their forces in any of the non-base territories. If they wish to mix forces, then the comnined force must be legal under (S8.6).
(U3.311) No less than 2 ships may be assigned to a sector. The upper limit on ships assigned to a sector are determined by the command rating of the flagship and by the rules in (S8.3). If the scenario is at a starbase the attacker has two Command Points available (see S8.24).
(U3.312) Commander's Options are determined and written down with the assignment for the ship. The limits given in (S3.2) apply.


(U3.43) CAPTURED SHIPS: We are allowing captured ships. If the captured ship survives (U3.432) or is simply not used for either "Advantaged Option", then it may be used as is.
(U3.45) CONSTRUCTION: Each team recieves 1 CC, 6 CWs, 8 DWs on every turn. The two-player team must split this as evenly as possible (and alternate who recieves the CC on that turn). Each team receives 1 DN every other turn (each player on the two-player team receives their DN every four turns). An NCA or CA variant may be substituted for the CC.

The Romulan modular ships (Sph, SkH, SeH) may switch between modules when they are assigned to a space. Leader variants (SPL, SKL, and SEL) are hard-welded and cannot be changed.

Ships sent to the reserve fleet for conversion may be converted to anything allowed in the F&E Ship Information Tables.

No Conjectual variants or Unbuilt variants. This includes conjectual Federation PFs.
(U3.458) Each team is allowed the 36 replacement fighters and 20 replacement PFs given in (U3.458). The Two-Player team must split this (each receiving 18 and 10 each turn).