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This document is intended to provide a summary of rules that most players may not have the appropriate modules for. It is not intended to substitute for having the indicated published rules, but instead to give the player a working-knowledge of the common-use case for the given system. Corner cases are not addressed here, and the player would be best served by using the indicated rules section.


(E52.0) Anti-Fighter Defenses (Module C4)

This is a combined ADD-12 and Gatling Phaser system used by the Frax.
• Damaged on Phaser and Drone hits
• Can use only one function per impulse
• Armed like a Gatling phaser
• ADD is reloaded like an ADD if not used in either mode for a turn
• Both ADD and Gatling function can only fire in the arcs shown on the SSD
• Can only be used on targets that are size-class 6 or 7


(E51.0) Axion Torpedoes (Module C4)

This is a direct-fire weapon used by the Frax.
• Damaged on Torp hits
• May be fired while cloaked (use true range if target is uncloaked)
• Overloads expose firing unit when used or ejected. Std loads do not.
• Target's size-class affects to-hit numbers
Cost to Arm
Axion Firing Table
Range012 - 34 - 56 - 89 - 12
Hit #1 - 61 - 51 - 41 - 31 - 21
Axion Small Target Table
Size Class0 - 12 - 4567
Hit Modifier+10-1-2-3


(FD51.0) Catfish Drones (Module C4)

This is a frame upgrade to drones that makes the drone cloaked. They can only be launched by Frax Submarines.
• Launching a Catfish does not expose a cloaked Frax submarine.
• They are launched cloaked. "Speed factor" for lock-ons are always 4.
• They are always launched "Tame Boar" (FD5.252) and on a ballistic course that cannot have turns in it.
• They accept targets that are in the FA arc and within 2 hexes
• They lose tracking if target is more than 4 hexes away.
• They can be "Activated", where they uncloak and then act like an ATG "Tame Boar" drone.
• If within 3 hexes of an active positional stabilizer, the cloak is voided.
• Triggers mines on a 1 or 2 while cloaked.

Compare with a "Normal" Submarine drone:
• Always has ATG (FD5.2) for free. Will track it's target up to a range of 8.
• May be launched while the ship is cloaked.
• Exposes the ship (G13.552) on the impulse of launch.
• May be controlled normally while the ship is uncloaked.


(DXX.0) Collapsium Armor (Module R107)

This is a form of armor used by the Nicozians
• Reduces internal damage coming from the direction it covers.
• Value of the armor is reduced on "Excess Damage" hits.


(FD20.0) Death Bolts (Module Y1, C6)

This is a very large drone-like seeker used by the Carnivons.
• The launcher is destroyed on Drone hits. This kills any deck-crews in the launcher but does not destroy the rack of DBs.
• They are launched after 8 impulses from the last launch, plus one deck crew operation. Two DCs may work on a single DB. A launcher could launch twice in a turn.
• Launched as a Drone (and is not a self-guided seeker)
• Speed of 8 until Y120. Speed of 12 until Y168. Speed of 20 until Y180. Speed of 32 in Y180+
• Warhead is 12 points until Y120, then is 30 points. Endurance is 3 turns. 8 damage to destroy until Y120, then is 10 points.
• For one Deck Crew action, 6 points of warhead can be modified.
• Early Years DBs cannot modify their warheads and can only have 1 DC work on them.
• Upon launch, can be told to "lead", "follow", or do nothing. This changes which shield is struck.
Shield Facing
1112 or 6
43 or 544
Warhead Modifications
Anti-TractorEvery 2 strength reduction becomes 1 point of negative tractor
Focused BurstThe entire warhead is fired like a swordfish drone at ranges 1 to 3. Damage is [(warhead strength - 6) / 2]
ECMEvery strength reduction becomes 1 ECM for that DB only
ArmorEvery 2 strength reduction becomes 1 point of armor
Spit-FireEvery strength reduction becomes 1 ADD shot, as per starfish drones.


(E23.0) Disruptor Cannons (Module Y1, C6)

This is a direct-fire weapon used by the Carnivon.
• Damaged on Torp hits
• Early Years DCs cannot be overloaded
Cost to Arm
Disruptor Cannon Table
RANGE0123 - 45 - 89 - 1516 - 2223 - 3031 - 40
HIT (STD)NA1 - 51 - 51 - 41 - 41 - 41 - 31 - 21 - 2
HIT (DERFACS)NA1 - 51 - 51 - 41 - 41 - 41 - 31 - 31 - 2
HIT (OVLD)1 - 61 - 51 - 51 - 41 - 4NANANANA
DMG, STD0108866442
DMG, OVLD1515121290000


(G18.0) Displacement Devices (Module C2)

This system allows the Andromedans to teleport units.
• Damaged on Flag Bridge
• Can displace itself by 12 hexes, others by 6 hexes. Does not change facings.
• To use, announce target and direction during (6D1) and record target hex. Resolve during (6D5)
• If the target is itself, a die roll of 1-5 is success: move to the indicated hex.
  ♦ If unsuccessful, roll again: 1-5 means stay in original hex and be treated as if that was the target hex
  ♦ Otherwise roll 2d6 for random displacement: one is for direction, another is for distance.
• If the target is another Andromedan, a die roll of 1-5 is success: move them to the indicated hex. No effect on failure.
• For all other targets, compare die roll to chart for success. There is no effect on failure.
  ♦ If successful, Andromedan announces two numbers and rolls 2d6 for random displacement: one is for direction, another is for distance.
  ♦ If the direction die indicates the first announced number, then the second announced number is used.
• After a successful displacement, the target is under Disrupted Fire Control (D6.68)
Cost to Arm
Displacement Device Success Table
RANGE01 - 23 - 1516 - 2223 - 3132 - 50
Self1 - 5-----
Andro-1 - 51 - 51 - 51 - 51 - 5
Other-1 - 51 - 41 - 31 - 21


(OM1.0) Dark Matter Bombs (Module O3)

This is the Souldra version of a transporter mine.
• A different maximum load than normal mines:
  ♦ SC4 - 3 bombs
  ♦ SC3 - 6 bombs
  ♦ SC2 - 10 bombs
  ♦ SC1 - 16 bombs
  ♦ Attrition units add to this, based on type
• Explodes for 12 damage in the same hex, 8 at a range of 1. Causes Dark Matter Damage
• Can be used as a PA mine (M10.0)
• New mines are made with 2 warp power for 4 turns. No holding power


(OG10.0) Dark Matter Damage (Module O3)

Souldra weapons cause internals differently than normal damage.
• Affects shields and armor normally. PA panels take 100% degredation.


(OE21.0) Dark Matter Pulsars (Module O3)

This is the Souldra analogue to phasers.
• Heavy DMPs fire once a turn. Light DMPs can fire twice a turn. Neither can fire within 8 impulses of a previous firing. H-DMPs can be downfired as L-DMPs.
• H-DMPs require 1 energy from dark warp. L-DMPs require 1/2 energy per shot from dark warp. Both have a phaser-like capacitor that holds 1 power.
Dark Matter Pulsar Table
RANGE0 - 45 - 89 - 1516 - 30
TO HIT (one die)1 - 61 - 51 - 41 - 3


(OFP4.0) Dark Matter Torpedoes (Module O3)

This is the Souldra analogue to plasma torpedoes.
• Damaged by phasers. Damage to torpedo counts as expended range, not warhead strength.
• Has 3 ECCM built-in. Gains 1 ECM per hex between firer and torpedo (5 hex range is 4 ECM)
Cost to Arm
DECOY1w1w-1w roll
Dark Matter Torpedo Table
RANGE0 - 1011 - 1516 - 30


(OG13.0) Dimensional Phase Devices (Module O3)

This is the Souldra version of a cloaking device.
• Energy cost depends on the ship. Unused energy is stored for 5 turns at no cost. It cannot be recharged until 96 impulses (3 turns) after it is activated.
• There is no effect on the impulse the DPD is activated, except that the unit drops all fire control. The impulse after activation, the unit has 2 natural ECM. The second impulse after activation, the unit has 6 natural ECM. The third impulse after activation, the unit is removed from the map. The phase-in process reverses this. Active fire control cannot be raised until it is fully phased in.
• The unit is off the board for 16 impulses unless the ship decides to turn off the device sooner. The unit is treated as non-existant on the map except that it can see what happens on the map. The unit still moves in relation to where it was on the map and will re-appear in it's new location.
• Seeking weapons that were targetted on it when it phased out will continue to move forward (not follow the phased-out unit) for the duration. After phase-in begins, seeking weapons will re-aquire on the next impulse (due to impulse sequence.) Seeking weapons may be removed from the map at this time due to (F3.31).
• It may not be used within 10 hexes of a sun, black hole, pulsar, neutron star, nova wave front, or active positional stabilizers (excepting ground base stabilizers.) It may not phase in or out while in an atmosphere or planet (roll normally for impact if the terrain does not fill the hex) but may move through these while phased out. Gravity waves cause the unit to phase in when they hit it.


(E24.0) Heel Nippers (Module Y1, C6)

This is a secondary direct-fire weapon used by the Carnivon.
• Damaged on Drone hits
• Can be fired up to 4 times at size-class 6 or smaller units. Once per turn at larger units.
• Targets a warp engine. Engine targetted is announced with fire.
• If hit, target loses next move, one box of the engine struck is destroyed, and the unit changes facing toward the engine hit as if turned.
• Turns caused by this are done regardless of turn mode. Turn and slip modes are reset. Center Warp hit does not turn unit.
• If a shuttle-like unit is struck, it takes one damage plus one for every 3 points of speed above 8. It is affected as if center warp was hit.
• If a drone-like unit is struck, it takes one damage plus one for every 3 points of speed above 12. It is affected as if center warp was hit. HNs are (FD1.51) weapons.
• Early Years HNs have a max range of 2, cannot be overloaded, and does not have the "gatling" quality against small units.
Cost to Arm
Heel Nipper Table


(C52.0) Hoverwarp (Module C4)

The Flivver have great mobility, due to their special ability to move any direction.
• "Hoverpoints" are allocated from center-warp power and can use reserve Center Warp.
• Can be used on impulse #1.
• Can be used to cancel a scheduled move. Cancelled moves do not count towards turn/slip modes.
• Can be used to perform a 60° facing change, regardless of turn mode. This resets the turn mode. This may be done in addition to a normal move (is performed after the movement), including a turn.
• Can be used to move in any direction on an impulse it does not move. Does not change facing. This resets the slip mode but does not count to satisfy turn mode. Affects speed for weasels for the rest of the turn until stopped.


(E55.0) Hyperdrones (Module C4)

The Flivver Hyperdrone system is a direct-fire weapon with seeking-weapon-like qualities
• Each magazine is destroyed on "Drone" hits (like a type-D drone launcher)
• Takes no power to use.
• Launched in (6D1), before DisDev announcements
• Damage from Hyperdrones occurs in (6D5), after normal damage resolution.
• May be launched twice a turn, but not within 8 impulses of a previous launch
• Travels 20 hexes per impulse for 2 impulses. Hits on the impulse of launch if range < 21
• May not turn, only sideslip.
• At any point of travel, the targetted unit may stop it's movement once in order to fire at it from that range.
• Does 8 damage. Takes 6 damage to destroy.
• Can be spoofed by WW shuttles.
• Can instead hold single-space drones.


(E21.0) Ion Cannons (Module F2)

This is a direct-fire weapon of the Vudar
• Damaged on Torp hits
• One point of the four arming energy must be ion energy (Impulse, APR, or ionized)
• One point of the extra overload energy must also be ion energy
• May be fired as a proximity fuse, like a photon torpedo
Cost to Arm
Ion Cannon Table
RANGE0 - 12 - 34 - 56 - 89 - 1516 - 2324 - 30
Dmg, Stnd6666666
Dmg, Prox----333
Dmg, Ovld12121212---


(G36.0) Ion Pulse Generators (Module F2)

This is a secondary weapon system of the Vudar
• Damaged on Drone hits
• Has a four-point capacitor. Must be recharged with ion energy (Impulse, APR, or ionized)
• Used in one of two modes per impulse:
  ♦ Jamming mode. Generates 3 natural ECM per point of power for 4 impulses. This also affects the generating ship.
  ♦ Ionic Wave. Does 1 damage per point of power to every non-plasma SC-6 or SC-7 unit within 2 hexes.
• Jamming mode takes effect during the ESG step (6B6)
• Ionic Wave is announced during Seeking Weapons Stage (6B6) and is resolved during the Direct Fire Stage (6D2)


(G37.0) Ion Storm Generators (Module F2)

This is a secondary weapon system of Vudar bases
• Damaged on Drone hits
• Has a four-point (un-refitted) capacitor. Must be recharged with ion energy (Impulse, APR, or ionized)
• Used in one of three modes per impulse:
  ♦ Storm mode. Generates a 61-hex-radius Ion Storm (P14.0), with no gravity waves, for 4 power.
  ♦ Directional Wave. Does a number of damage per point of power to every unit in arc. Treated like a Direct-Fire weapon.
  ♦ IPG. May be used like an Ion Pulse Generator.
• Storm mode is announced and begins just after EA. Lasts the whole turn.
• Small Storm Generaters (SSDs) have a Storm-mode radius of 25.
ISG Directional Wave Table
RANGE0 - 34 - 67 - 910 - 1213 - 1516 - 18


(FD52.0) Missile Racks (Module C4)

This is a drone rack used by the Frax
• Damaged on Drone hits
• Contains 4x Type-IV drones (or Type-VIII drones)
• Only one missile rack of the ship may launch per impulse
• May launch every impulse until empty
• May not be reloaded during the scenario


(FDXX.0) Nicozian Missiles (Module R107)

This is a drone used by the Nicozians
• Speed-10 or speed-20. Uses Skipwarp. Can be launched without Skipwarp. Cannot change between modes in flight.
• First effective movement must be forward.
• It may drop out of Skipwarp in order to hit a target on the following impulse.
• Speed 10 costs 0.5 BPV. Speed 20 costs 1.0 BPV. Ship BPVs assume no missiles are loaded. Reloads are free.
• Not self-guided. Has 2 Built-In ECM.
• Takes 5 damage to destroy. All damage must be on the same impulse. ADDs do not destroy them.
• Some construction options:
  ♦ Anti-Shield (AS) warheads do 16 to shields and no internal damage.
  ♦ AS warheads do 2 degredation to PA Panels, but does not fill with energy.
  ♦ Explosive warheads do 8 damage to any target.
  ♦ Half the warhead may be replaced with armor (+4 damage to destroy on the same impulse)
  ♦ Half of a missile load must be speed-10 frames with Anti-Shield warheads.


(EXX.0) Pulse Phasers (Module R107)

This is a phaser system used by the Nicozians
• May be fired as a Phaser-1 or as a pair of Phaser-3s.
• Like a Gatling phaser, Ph-3 shots may be used on the same impulse.
• Cost to arm is that of a Ph-1. Ph-3 shots take 0.5 power from the capacitor.


(D10.0) Power Absorber Panels (Module C2)

This system is the Andromedans equivilent to Shields
• Can be dropped or have it's level changed at the same times and conditions as shields.
• The owning unit can transport items through the panels while the panels are up.
• At "Normal" levels, each PA box can absorb 6 damage. At "Reinforced" levels, each PA box can absorb 10 damage.
• 20% of any damage absorbed by a panel is instead marked as degredation
• When at reinforced levels, damage at or above 3 points per panel will create a leak point
• Disruptors will create a leak point for damage at or above 2 points per panel for any panel level.
  Leak points are scored on "Hull", then as regular DAC hits.
• When power is released from a panel, the power goes to (in order):
  ♦ Another panel in the same bank
  ♦ An Energy Module in the hangar
  ♦ Another bank
  ♦ The batteries of the ship or the panels of a Sat Ship in the hangar
• At the end of the turn, power is leached out of the panels.
  ♦ 10% of the power (round nearest whole number) goes to Batteries
  ♦ Dissipate 1 power per panel to space
• See the SSD for the costs to raise the panels to "Normal" and "Reinforced"


(FQ1.0) Quantum Wave Torps (Module Y1, C6)

This is a plasma-like seeking weapon of the Paravians
• Not-affected by damage sources that do not affect plasmas
• Upon launch, may face any direction the weapon can track (per YFQ1.14)
• Launched as a plasma torp (and is a self-guiding seeker)
• Speed 32
• Has 3 ECM and no ECCM
• Has a splash effect, like a PPD
• 6 phaser damage removes the splash elements. 17 total phaser damage destroys the torp. 21 total phaser damage destroys an overloaded torp.
• Early Years QWTs are destroyed by 4+7 phaser damage, have no overload function, and have no ECM.
Cost to Arm
2 any+2wHalf
QWT Firing Table
Range0 - 78 - 1415 - 2122 - 2627 - 2930
EY Range0 - 56 - 1011 - 1516 - 181920


(E18.0) Rail Guns (Module F1)

This is the direct-fire weapon of the Jindarians
• Destroyed on Torp hits
• Affects Plasma Torps as if a phaser (except as given in defensive mode)
• LRGs can be fired every turn
• WRGs and MRGs can instead be fired in Defensive Mode:
  ♦ For 8 impulses it affects every plasma, drone, and shuttle in the arc of the weapon and within a range of 4.
  ♦ It destroys drones on a 1-2 die roll. It does 1d6 warhead damage to plasma. It does 2d6 damage to shuttles on a 1-3 die roll.
Cost to Arm
Rail Gun Firing Table
RANGE01 - 56 - 1011 - 1516 - 2021 - 2526 - 3031 - 35
WRG HIT #1 - 61 - 51 - 51 - 41 - 41 - 31 - 31 - 2
WRG DAMAGE201714118521
MRG HIT #1 - 61 - 51 - 51 - 41 - 41 - 3
MRG DAMAGE141210753
LRG HIT #1 - 61 - 51 - 41 - 4


(CXX.0) Skipwarp (Module R107)

This is a special movement method of the Nicozians, allowing their tiny ships to move at speeds equivilent to the larger ships.
• Paid for with Warp power. Impulse movement cannot be combined with Skipwarp. The cost is the same as normal movement.
• Each time they are scheduled to move, unit moves forward then performs normal movement. Is treated as if the unit did not enter the first hex.
  ♦ Practical Speed does not consider the effects of Skipwarp
  ♦ Maneuver Rate does not consider the effects of Skipwarp
  ♦ Turn Modes use the standard movement to determine when to turn (e.g. takes twice the length of hexes to turn)
• Cannot HET while under Skipwarp. Skipwarp movement breaks all tractors.
• Skipwarp movement may avoid ESGs, Web hexes, and Mine detection.
• May be turned off or on during a turn, but not within 8 impulses of a prior announcement.


(OJ4.0) Souldra Shards (Module O3)

Shouldra shards are their equivilent to shuttles and fighters
• Like Souldra ships, they cannot be boarded. They cannot be used as specialty shuttles (SP, SS, WW). Treat like fighters for EW (small target modifier, built-in EW)
• They are destroyed when the home ship is destroyed. They are destroyed when 36 or more hexes from their home ship.
• They repair one damage per 32 impulses of being docked to their home ship. They load their own weapons (except for DMBs.)
Black Shard
  ♦ Speed 12, 12 Damage, 4 BPV
  ♦ 1x Light DMP - FA
  ♦ Can attach to ships and perform vampirism.
Green Shard
  ♦ Speed 16, 9 Damage, 6 BPV
  ♦ 2x DMB slots. Treat the shard as a minesweeping shuttle (M8.32)
Orange Shard
  ♦ Speed 16, 11 Damage, 9 BPV
  ♦ 1x Light DMP - FX
  ♦ 1x DMB slot. Treat the shard as an MRS shuttle (J8.0) except that any ship may carry one, but only one.
Red Shard
  ♦ Speed 18, 11 Damage, 8 BPV
  ♦ 1x Heavy DMP - FA, 1x Light DMP - 360
Violet Shard
  ♦ Speed 16, 13 Damage, 9 BPV
  ♦ 1x DMT - FA


(OJ4.0) Shard Vampirism (Module O3)

Souldra Black Shards can cause crew unit loss on docked ships.
• Must attach to a ship like landing as a shuttle.
  ♦ The facing shield must be down and cannot be raised while shard is attached
  The shard can be fired at.
  ♦ Has it's small target modifier, plus any nimble modifier of the ship.
  ♦ It takes any damage the ship would take from that facing. (Both take the same damage)
• Kills 1 crew unit every 8 impulses attached. After killing the 4th crew, every third crew killed is a pair of BPs.


(OG9.0) Soul Shields (Module O3)

This is the Souldra equivilent to shields.
• Cost to power is given on the SSD (X power for Y shields). Not all need to be powered in allocation. Some can be raised with reserve. Fractional accounting is allowed.
• All must be assigned to shield facings at the end of EA. This is public. Unpowered and completely-damaged shields are still assigned. They can be re-assigned over EA but not during a turn.
• At the end of each turn, each shield not completely damaged will repair 1 box each for free. Shard vampirism will repair all boxes of a shield at the end of the turn for each dead crew unit.
• Hellbores and other enveloping weapons treat all shield facings as equal, regardless of soul shield status.


(EXX.0) Space Auger (Module R107)

The Space Auger is the direct-fire weapon of the Nicozians
• Destroyed on Torp hits
• Internal damage is doubled. Internal damage is a separate volley.
• Damage is recorded after the second Hellbore firing option.
• Total of 3 power over two turns is used to arm the weapon.
• Overload energy can only be applied on those turns where it is held.
Cost to Arm
1 or 22 or 1+21+1
Overloaded Space Auger Firing Table
  0  1 - 23 - 8
Space Auger Firing Table
  0  1 - 23 - 89 - 1415 - 2021 - 26


(E9.0) Tractor-Repulsor Beam (Module C2)

This is a Direct-Fire weapon of the Andromedans
• Destroyed on Torp hits
• Can be used as a Tractor/Negative Tractor. Power used to charge the weapon is used for the tractor function.
Cost to Arm
TRL Firing Table
TRH Firing Table