(ST02.0) Destroyer Tournament
by Matthew Potter

(ST02.1) NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2; Each player has a single ship
TERRAIN: The map is surrounded by a Tournament Barrier (P17.0).
PLAYER 1: Ship in 1701, heading D, speed max, WS-III. See (ST02.45) for which ships with what refits may be chosen.
PLAYER 2: Ship in 2530, heading A, speed max, WS-III. See (ST02.45) for which ships with what refits may be chosen.
YEAR: No year is specified as tournament-style ships and their specific rules are used. The players may, in a variation, use normal ships and will have to select a year to determine what drone speeds and other options are available. Y179 is recommended.
(ST02.3) LENGTH OF SCENARIO: The scenario continues until all forces belonging to one side have been destroyed.
(ST02.41) MAP: The map is fixed; it does not "float." No ship may disengage.
(ST02.42) SHUTTLES AND PFs: Shuttles have warp booster packs only if noted below in (ST02.45). There are no PFs in this scenario. There are no MRS shuttles in this scenario.
With consent of both players, Advanced Admin Shuttles (J17.0) may be used.
Drone-armed races may have a single scatter-pack shuttle ready when they begin. The drones for this come from (deplete) the drone racks.
(ST02.431) No ship may purchase additional or special equipment as Commander's Option Items.
(ST02.432) All drones are "medium", speed-20, unless otherwise defined. "Fast" drones may be upgraded or purchased, but are general availability. Drone racks purchased for option mounts are loaded with "slow" drones. This means that each "B" racks costs 4 points to recieve loaded with "medium" speed drones.
Each drone-armed ship may exchange 2 type-I drones for a type-IV drone. Each drone-armed ship may do this twice. Kzinti may do this three times.
There are no reloads for drone racks. No extra drones may be purchased.
(ST02.44) REFITS: Units in this scenario will have only the refits noted for their ship in (ST02.45). No refit may be substituted or added.
(ST02.45) ALLOWED SHIPS: The following ships are available.
FederationFF(all shuttles have WBPs)
FFL+(drone rack is loaded entirely with ADDs. No Y175 refit)
KlingonF5(no B or K refit)
E4D(has 4x type F drones. No y175 refit)
RomulanK4R+(has 1x NSM. has Sabot refit)
SNA+(has 1x NSM and 1x T-Bomb. has Sabot refit)
KzintiFF(all drones are type F drones. Has the Y175 refit, but not the C-10 refit)
GornDD(has Sabot refit. All shuttles have WBPs)
TholianPC(has Snare refit. Has 2x T-bombs)
PPC+(Has 2x T-bombs)
DPC+(Has 2x T-bombs)
OrionLR(has 5 extra points for options. See annex #8B)
LR+(does not have any extra points for options)
HydranSAR(all shuttles have WBPs)
AndromedanVIP(has 2x T-Bombs)
WYNAxC(has 8 extra points for options. See annex #8B)

(ST02.46) UNUSED RULES: The following rules will not be used:
Self generated EW (D6.3141)
Tactical Intelligence (D17.0)
Narrow Salvoes (E1.6)
Mutiny (G6.0)
Crew quality (G21.0) (G22.0) (J6.0) (K8.0)
MRS shuttles (J8.0) and SWACs (J9.0)
Minefields (M6.0), including Blind Mine Detection (M7.25)
Terrain (P0.0) except for the tournament barrier (P17.0)
(ST02.47) USED RULES OF INTEREST: The following rules may be of interest and will be used:
All EW rules (D6.3) not noted above, including Small Target Modifiers (E1.7) and the Orion stealth bonus (G15.8)
Advanced Boarding Party Combat (D16.0)
Secret Placement of Mines (M2.6)
Tournament Barrier (P17.0)
(ST02.5) VICTORY CONDITIONS: The victor is the player who survives.