Marine Rescue

TERRAIN: Class-M planet at 2215.
NEUTRAL PLAYER: 1 constellation of 5 Defsats in orbit around the planet at 2214B, 2116F, 2316D, 2317E, 2114B. They are Plasma-F-armed defsats if either player are Gorn, Romulan, ISC, Paravian, or Peladine. Otherwise, they are disruptor-armed defsats.
FIRST PLAYER: enters at 0101, heading in direction C, speed max.
SECOND PLAYER: enters at 4230, heading in direction F, speed max.
LENGTH OF SCENARIO: The scenario continues until all forces belonging to either player have been destroyed, captured, or have disengaged.
MAP: Use a floating map. Any unit that is more than 50 hexes from the gas giant center is considered to have disengaged by separation (C7.2).
SHUTTLES AND PFs: All shuttles and PFs have warp booster packs if the year selected allows them. Shuttles are advanced types if the year selected allows their use. MRS shuttles may be purchased [up to the limits in (J8.5) ].
If using EW fighters, one fighter in each squadron may be of this type.
Each ship can purchase additional or special equipment as Commander's Option Items (e.g., T-bombs, extra marines, etc.) up to 20%% of its Combat BPV. See (S3.2) for details and exceptions.
All drone speeds and types are available, subject only to the year selected for the scenario.
Each drone-armed ship can purchase special drones up to the historical racial percentages as part of the Commander's Option Items. Note that (S3.2) allows drone ships extra points for this purpose.
If players wish to use the optional rules for Prime Teams (G32.0), they can purchase one team (25 points each) as part of their Commander's Options.
ADDITIONAL DEFSAT RULES: The defsats are not owned by either player and they will fire on either side indescriminantly. As a modification to (R1.15D2), the defsats will fire heavy weapons and PH-2s at the first target to satisfy (R1.15D2). They will not fire upon units that they do not have lock-on to. If multiple units satisfy the range requirement, then use the (C1.313) order of precedence to determine priority. Closer units have higher priority. If the previous does not clear up the issue, then randomly pick from those units that most-qualify. Use the same procedure when determining what they will target with launched weapons, except that they will launch only one plasma per turn.
MAROONED: There is the wreckage of a shuttlecraft on the planet, on the hex-side facing direction D. A spy and a squad of marines has been marooned on the planet, and the force of the first player is here to pick them up. It will take five transporter actions to rescue all of them. A shuttle with enough space to hold a boarding party could land (P2.411) and load them (D15.55) instead of using transporters. Because the crew are spread out, the shuttle needs to stay on the surface for two turns if attempting to load more than one set of the crew.
VICTORY CONDITIONS: The first player wins if they leave the map with at least two-thirds of the marooned force.